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I'm looking for a young talented chef or cook who dreams of owning his or her own kitchen, food truck or store front with a great name and franchise potential. Must be beyond self motivated and hustler and obviously from the name a solid love and focus on wings. Please only seriously motivated individuals contact me. Also willing to license the Trademarks to someone who would want to do a solo venture.

Post any hustle you want. Post any hustle you are looking for. I appreciate your support. Email me at info@BackHustle.com if your interested. In our Back Share program.

We are looking for social people who are proactive and outgoing to spread the word to W-2 Business owners and explain to them how they could be eligible to receive up to $26,000 per employee.. Even if they already received the PPP program. Serious commission can be earned by having a few simple conversations that lead to a 8 minutes of questions