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Mr. Title Insurance rights for all 21 counties under Mr. Zip Code, NJ aka Mr. Garden State Real Estate Group Rights to use the We Just Closed Experience Rights to enter all clients in the Show Us Your #SOLDIE Contest Rights to use the Declaration Of Homeownership Certificates Presence at the Achieving The American Dream Home Buyer Seminars

Looking for One Realtor per county and One Investor per Zip Code to receive leads on Off Market or Pre Market investment properties and flips

Local women looking for aa small piece of land or section of property in Monmouth County NJ where she could grow honey with an active bee farm and hives

My brain child for a funny but also educational and feel good movie about the importance of pivoting in business and in life when things are changing, and they always are... would love for someone to take the idea and bring it to life.. would be a fun project and potentially a Christmas Classic

I'm looking for a young talented chef or cook who dreams of owning his or her own kitchen, food truck or store front with a great name and franchise potential. Must be beyond self motivated and hustler and obviously from the name a solid love and focus on wings. Please only seriously motivated individuals contact me. Also willing to license the Trademarks to someone who would want to do a solo venture.

Post any hustle you want. Post any hustle you are looking for. I appreciate your support. Email me at if your interested. In our Back Share program.

Local Shark Tank for kids and young adults. Join become a member, post your hustle and "Pitch Me" and my angels your product, service or idea. You can email your entry at but we strongly recommend you post a "Hustle" since it allows you to truly explain and present your concept so we can get a full understanding. As well as potentially exposing your concept to one of our other Hustler members seeing your entry. We will select the Top Hustles and hold the very first Ultimate Hustler Championship. So get you ideas ironed out and your details down, and LET'S GET READY TO HUISTLE!!!